Accessories that Every Man Cave Should Have

The essential accessories that every fan of Australian water ski racing should have in their man cave.
Accessories that Every Man Cave Should Have

The man cave.

A place for peace and quiet. A place for Friday night footy. A place for the boys. 

We know that a lot of our Savage Force customers are also fans of the man cave. So we’ve put together this list of accessories that every river rat should have in his man cave.

Is your place up to scratch? Find out below. And tell us, would you like to see Savage Force create merch specifically for the man cave?

Man Cave


Bar Runner

After a scorching day on the river, you crack open a couple of cold ones and lay them out on your iconic Southern 80 bar runner. Precipitation drips off the bottles and is wicked away instantly by the rubber runner. No clean up afterwards. Does life get any better?

Savage Force Southern 80 Bar Runner Water Ski Race Merchandise

Bar runners available in 10 different styles and colours - including limited edition God’s Gift, Blown Budge and Showdown runners. 


Framed Tee Shirts 

Everybody does framed jerseys. Not many do framed tees. It’s a shame, because they bring massive nostalgia to the man cave. If you’ve got a tattered old tee in the wardrobe, fold it so that the graphic is centred and then whack it in a frame. The results look unreal. And every time you walk past it, you can think about the good ol’ times. 

Savage Force God's Gift Tee Water Ski Race Merchandise

Here’s a couple of vintage tees that’ll make your man cave iconic. 


Neon Light 

These seem to be all the rage at the moment. I remember seeing them at every bar I went to in the 90’s as well. So why not give your man cave that retro feel and whack up an awesome neon light. It will help you when you stumble to bed in the dark as well.

Neon Light Man Cave



I know you want Island Cooler on your wall. Or Hellrazor. Or the special edition Blown Budget Banner. You want to show off the iconic boats of your generation and tell the grandkids about them one day. Who could blame you. These banners are as legendary as the boats themselves.  

Island Cooler Banner Southern 80 Savage Force Water Ski Race Merchandise

Banners available in 9 different styles, each with an iconic boat. 



How else are you going to keep the beers cold (and you’re favourite food hidden)?

VB Minifridge


Photo Prints 

Nothing brings more energy to a room than a couple of powerful pictures on the wall. And for fans of Australian water ski racing, it doesn’t get much more powerful than a 1350hp V8 doing 210km/h down the Murray. Just imagine some of these awesome Savage Force photo prints up on your display wall. 

Savage Force Mistress Photo Print Water Ski Race Merchandise

30 different photo prints available to liven up your man cave. 


Ski Display Rack

Remember the old set of skis your old man still has from the 70’s? Why not pull them out of the garage, dust them off and hang them on the wall with pride. Great for adding a touch of family history to the man cave.

Water Ski Display Rack



These are conversation starters. Mix things up by grabbing a heap of different styles and colours. You’ll never run short of yarns to spin and memories to reminisce on. And no matter how long you bang on for, your ice-cold longnecks will never go warm. 

 Savage Force Rolco Stubbies Water Ski Race Merchandise

Stubbies available in 14 different styles and heaps of different colours - including the iconic 1989 Rolco stubbie.