No Southern 80? No Problem – The 6 Best Things to Do in Echuca This Weekend

We won't be seeing the Southern 80 in 2021, but we've lined up some massive plans to ease your pain at Savage Force HQ. Find out what they are and discover the 6 best things to do in Echuca this weekend.
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The team at Savage Force refuses to let a bit of bad news ruin an awesome time. And we're not going to let it ruin your holiday either!

That's why we've put together this list of the 6 best things you can do in Echuca this weekend. You'll find something for ski-lovers and motorheads of all ages.

Let’s rally together a make this weekend unlike any other! There may not be a race, but when the water-skiing community comes together in one place, that can only mean one thing – a cracker time!


The 6 Best Things to Do in Echuca This Weekend

1: Special Events at the Savage Force HQ

Why do fans of Australian water ski racing call this place a ‘must-visit’? Because Savage Force HQ carries more ski racing merchandise than anywhere else in the country! In fact, we’ve got too much and we need to clear it out this weekend! We’ll be selling a range of our famous custom-designed tees for as low as $5. Yep, you read that right, only $5. But this deal is only available in-store and it’s only available this weekend (Friday 12th- Monday 14th Feb), so be sure to get in here early for your pick of the stock.

But that’s not all! We’ve managed to snag the legendary two-time Southern 80 winner (1989/90) Island Cooler, which will be on full display in-store for visitors to check out and grab a photo with. This is a rare chance for ski-fans to check out this iconic boat, so be sure to jump on the opportunity and see her in all her glory! And as always, the crowd-favourite Agitator is here for you to see as well!

And if all that isn’t enough for you, here’s one more reason: FREE SAUSAGE SIZZLE! That’s right – FREE! Feed yourself, feed the kids, feed Grandma – all for the price of absolutely nothing. You won’t find a cheaper meal than that anywhere!

Savage force agitator ski race boat store

2: Shred the River in Style

No race means no river closure. And that means that we will all get the chance to strut our stuff on the Murray this weekend. Hell, you can pretend that you’re racing the Southern 80 if you want to. Just get your driver and spotter to throw on one of these bad boys and you’re all set. But be warned, you’ll probably have crowds flocking for autographs on the ramp.


3: Grab a Bargain from the Savage Force Pontoon Boat

The Savage Force Pontoon Boat will be doing the rounds on the river all weekend. We like making life easy for our customers, so we’ll be bringing a few bargains and package deals directly to you on the water. Onboard we'll have a huge range of all the latest merch, with custom-designs made especially for the Southern 80 2021 event. If you see us cruising up and down, say g’day and grab something to remember your weekend by forever! But remember, if you want to grab a $5 tee, a free sausage sizzle and the chance to see the legendary Island Cooler in person, you’ll have to head in-store.

Savage Force Water Ski Race Merchandise Store Australia

4: Support Local Businesses

Whether you’re into boats, buggy’s or beers – Echuca and Moama have something for everyone. The paddle steamers might struggle to hit 190km/h down the Murray, but they still offer an unforgettable experience for families who love the water. And the National Holden Motor Museum and the Great Aussie Beer Shed are always crowd favourites. So, make the most of this weekend. Take a break, kick back and relax whilst also supporting local businesses. The locals will thank you for it.

Paddle Steamer Boat Board Echuca Southern 80

5: Eat at the Best Pubs in Town

There are some great pubs in Echuca but the famous American Hotel and the 1895 Royal stand out as two of the most popular. If you’re heading to either of them for a schnitty or a Sunday roast, why not drop by Savage Force HQ on the way. We’re only a 2-minute walk down the road from both pubs and our free sausage sizzle will serve as the perfect entrée! You can also check out our monster sale and the iconic Island Cooler in all her glory. Or if you’re the kind of person who prefers a drink at home, why not grab one of these beauties.



6: B.O.A.T Race Drinking Game

You won’t be seeing the Southern 80 this year, but we’ve got another boat race up our sleeve for you. This one is probably best left until after dark though. Beer On A Table is exactly what it sounds like. Two teams on either side of the table, each player with a cup of beer. When one person finishes, they put the empty cup on their head and the next person starts. The first team to finish wins. If your teammates are too slow and your beer's getting warm, just whack it in one of these.